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Tom’s Cattery & The Country Pet Shop is located in the Two Brooks Valley, which nestles in the triangle of land surrounded by Hawkshaw, Greenmount and Tottington, approximately four miles north of Bury town centre.

This peaceful valley was once a hive of activity at the hub of industrial progress in this part of Lancashire. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the valley sustained a whole community of mills, works, farms and several groups of cottages. The remains of many of these can be seen within the valley and a network of public paths, once busy links for horses, carts and workers, now provide the opportunity for a leisurely stroll or a more in-depth exploration of the wildlife, industrial and architectural interest of the valley.

Beautiful scenery surrounding Two Brooks Valley
The valley has a great variety of wildlife habitats, including grassland, heath, open water and marsh. Certain parts of the valley have been officially recognised and protected as Sites of Biological Importance - these are Bottoms Wood and Hawkshaw Brook, containing the former Two Brooks Mill area.

The industrial revolution brought some of the larger textile manufacturers of the time to the area, making use of the damp atmosphere and the plentiful supply of soft water, and they in turn attracted bleaching and calico printing companies. Two Brooks Mill, in existence since the eighteenth century, and involved in the bleaching industry was sadly demolished in the 1970’s. A stroll through its remains no longer gives the impression of the scale of the former enterprise, where up to two hundred people were employed at its peak.

At Tom’s Cattery & The Country Pet Shop we are committed to preserving our local heritage and have recently taken the step of acquiring the historic Two Brooks Mill chimney, which stands on land nearby and is of significant local historical importance. At present there is only public access to the chimney during our opening times, though we are now actively working with local officials and our goal is to preserve and refurbish the chimney

Mill Chimney

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